FTG has been fortunate to meet, and form excellent working relationships with, a growing number of people across the globe who help us identify and meet extraordinarily talented, non US-based Actors, Directors, Directors of Photography, Writers, and other artists whose dedication, skill and drive have propelled them to the upper tiers of their chosen fields of endeavor in their native markets, who also wish to work and hone their already amazing talents in the US. In turn, this has allowed us to meet and work with some truly gifted people whose professional pursuits and accomplishments truly make the world a better place.

Our global network of personal and professional contacts has naturally afforded us the opportunity to meet not only fully-developed and highly accomplished talent, but a large number of gifted artists who are new to the industry and show great promise for bright futures working in their chosen professions. In response to the large and growing number of artists who fall into this category FTG, in conjunction with a growing list of noted industry professionals, including acting coaches, booking experts, career consultants, and even US-based professional services providers, has put together a robust, by-invitation-only “Development Track” to nurture, develop and guide gifted talent along a successful path to eventually working in the US. It is our aim through the continual improvement of our Development Track, to make a significant contribution to the entertainment industry in the United States by introducing it to a new generation of non US-based extraordinary talent for years to come.