Seeking to Work With Talent

FTG delivers fantastic value to US-based Casting Directors, Talent Agencies and Agents, and Producers — those seeking to hire non US-based talent — by offering a single source of highly qualified, fully vetted and work-ready foreign talent, across most in-demand disciplines including Actors, Directors, Directors of Photography, and Writers. FTG clients have verified track-records of extraordinary achievement in their chosen fields of endeavor, in their native markets, and often in broader international markets as well.

And because FTG is the employer of record and manages their US-based careers, in many instances our clients are already working in the US and have O-1B visas that allow them to work on most productions in their particular fields of expertise. For those of our clients who are not current O-1B visa beneficiaries, FTG is able to immediately initiate the O-1B petitioning process, on their behalf, upon the presentment of a suitable deal memo from a valid production company or other qualified offerer of verifiable employment. And we are generally able to complete the petitioning process in 10-12 weeks.

For Casting Directors, FTG offers an alternative dependable, professional go-to source for highly qualified and vetted talent from every continent except Antarctica. For qualified Talent Agencies and Agents who are interested in working with non US-based talent, FTG provides ready access to truly exceptional talent and generous commission-sharing structures. And for Producers and Production Companies, FTG’s clients come fully work-ready, with all necessary documentation and credentials, giving in-house or outside counsel peace of mind; these points would be worthless, of course, absent the high-level of accomplishment and tremendous talent FTG clients deliver!

FTG exists to make the world in which extraordinarily talented foreign artists and those US-based individuals and organizations requiring their services, a much smaller place.